Valley Transfer aggressively seeks solutions for our clients that others aren’t willing to pursue. We are on a mission to create innovative, cost effective services that drive down cost by creating efficiencies in your business. Using technology and decades of experience Valley Transfer will find a solution that exceeds your needs.

Regional and Short-haul Truckload
Our fleet of newer model Western Star trucks ensures dependability and up-time of our equipment. Which is important when you want your shipments delivered. Using satellite tracking and electronic logging we have the visibility of our trucks to know that your loads are delivered on time.

Dedicated Truckload
Do you need the commitment of trucks and trailers that are at your disposal each and every day? Then contracting with Valley Transfer you will have the benefits of a private fleet with the flexibility and efficiency you demand. We handle the fueling, maintenance and management of the fleet.  Valley Transfer provides you a solution that gives you piece of mind that all your freight will be covered.

Trailer Spotting and Yard Management
With years of experience managing spotting operations, Valley Transfer will develop a solution that efficiently shuttles trailers to and from dock doors, between different trailer yards and between different warehouses. All this is done safely, while at the same time controlling cost, reducing or eliminating detention and demurrage and guaranteeing no disruption in your production processes.

Private Fleet Outsourcing
One of the benefits of a private fleet is marketing. Our private fleet outsourcing solution provides the value of a dedicated fleet but allows you to decal the trucks and trailers with your company logos. Thus providing you will rolling billboards that advertise the nation about your company. Additionally you may have on-site management of the fleet and drivers dedicated to your account who operate as if they are one of your own employees.

Warehousing and Product Management
Using innovative warehousing solutions and product management strategies, Valley Transfer will be your one stop shop for all your warehousing needs. We provide the staff, 24-hour access to your products, loading and unloading of trailers as well as inventory management solutions. Couple that with our transportation solutions and you have a worry free process in place to handle all of your off-site warehousing.